Jurassic Austen’s new heroine: Catherine Morland, aka Novellalectora ingenuus

Novellalectora ingenuus

Common Name: Catherine Morland

Bath Assembly Rooms
Seen in the foreground, Novellalectora ingenuus dances with Joculasaurus benevelens in the crush of dinosaurs at the Assembly Rooms in Bath. Circling above, seeking out advantage, are the Thorpe siblings Mercenopterus insincera and M. braggartum.

Description: Awkward in her youth, N. ingenuus became a rather pretty dinosaur as a young adult. She was sweet-natured and trusting, but also looking for some adventure, as any heroine would.

Range: Catherine Morland grew up in a small village in what is now Wiltshire. She had the opportunity to travel to the city of Bath, where she was able to interact with Jurassic society for the first time.

Behavior: Novellalectora ingenuus was an avid reader of novels, especially the gothic ones. As a result, she sometimes confused fiction with reality, imagining dark messages in innocuous laundry lists, and cruel murderers when there were only greedy dinosaurs!

Mating Habits: All heroines need a leading man, an N. ingenuus met hers soon after arriving in Bath. She fancied Joculasaurus benevelens (Henry Tilney) immediately, and he couldn’t help but be flattered by it. He also liked that Catherine was sweet and pretty, which any heroine should be if she possibly can. But other dinosaurs tried to sabotage the inevitable romance, including a pair of pterasaurs, siblings Mercenopterus insincera (Isabella Thorpe) and Mercenopterus braggartum (John Thorpe), as well as J. benevelens’ father. Fortunately, these trials were short-lived. No tragic plot kept perfect happiness from Catherine and Henry, and they did pretty well.

Photo attributions: Bath Assembly Rooms, Abrictosaurus, CarcharodontosaurusOrnitocheirids, all other dinosaur pictures from Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Joy Dawn King

    I believe your name for Tilney works just find. Awesome!

  2. Lúthien84

    I like it when authors focus on characters from Jane Austen’s other novels, not just Pride and Prejudice. So will we have one from Emma?

    • kckahler

      Karen M. Cox did Knightley and Emma, rather well!

      • Lúthien84

        Yes, I visited Karen’s blog after yours and read her post. I must say the picture here is beautiful with so many species stomping and dancing around in the Assembly room.