Jurassic Austen Day 2: Marianne Dashwood, aka Diplosororia dramatis

Jurassic Austen stomps along for a second day!

Diplosororia dramatis

Common name: Marianne Dashwood

Diplosororia dramatis thrills at the view of the Devonshire coastline.

Description: D. dramatis was a striking dinosaur with a brilliant complexion and sparkling eyes. Taller than her elder sister Elinor (Diplosororia pragmatis), she could also be distinguished by a tendency for lengthy walks, spirited displays of emotion, and a general lack of concern for the weather.

Range: Despondent at being forced from her home territory of Norland in present-day Sussex, Miss Marianne adjusted to her smaller abode at Barton by exploring the surrounding Devonshire coast.

Behaviors: Diplosororia dramatis did nothing by halves. She had a great love of poetry and music, spending hours playing mournful tunes when her spirits were low. Likewise, she had a great love of nature. She was particularly fond of dead leaves.

Mating Habits: D. dramatis met a potential mate during one of her long walks in inclement weather. In keeping with her emotional disposition, when she fell in love, she did so dramatically and whole-heartedly, often skirting the rules of propriety to advance the relationship. When the object of her devotion, Pedoraptor sleazoideus (Mr. Willoughby) spurned her, she suffered an intense depression. Her melancholic walking in bad weather nearly led to her premature death.

After her recovery, Marianne realized that her sentimental behavior and wallowing had caused much trouble. She vowed to emulate her more level-headed sister in the future. She began to value the understated and dependable male dinosaur who she had previously dismissed as boring and old. She eventually came to love him, most sensibly, of course.

Image attributions: Nipponosaurus via Wikimedia, Berry Head via TuckDB


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10 Responses

  1. Joy D King

    “She was particularly fond of dead leaves.” What a hoot! Good heavens, this is funny! Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Monica P

    Pedoraptor! That is great. I would call Colonel Brandon Hunkasaurus Authenticus ‘cuz he’s a real man, not like the Pedoraptor.

    • kckahler

      I really really don’t like Willoughby, so I pulled no punches on that one!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Lúthien84

    You have outdone yourself on this one, KC. So apt and creative with the names of Marianne and Willoughby.

  4. Paige

    The dino with a brilliant complexion and sparkling eyes makes me laugh. 🙂

    • kckahler

      Austen is so sparse with her physical character descriptions, it’s hard to find much too fill that section in!