Video: Sidney Parker, G.O.A.T. period gentleman

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No stranger to period drama, I have long admired the various incarnations of Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Knightley, and of course Mr. Thornton, among others.

But then I met Mr. Sidney Parker. Has men’s Regency fashion ever looked better than it does on Theo James as Sanditon’s Sidney Parker? I think not. That’s why I say he is the Greatest Of All Time period gentleman.

I realize this may seem like sacrilege to some Austen adaptation aficionados, but what better way to make my case than through video?


Did my video convince any Sidney-doubters? Maybe. Is it weird that I spent like a week making it? Absolutely.

(Apologies to Carly Simon … and Theo James.)

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  1. Saifa

    Wow! Love this video so much! Well done! As Rose Williams says, Theo James is the perfect Sidney Parker. I love watching this vid and the song suits it so well. Are you able to upload it into YouTube?

    • kckahler

      Thanks! No I can’t put it on YouTube because the song gets blocked, unfortunately. I didn’t want to change the song, so I decided to host it myself. It won’t get as many views but true Sidney fans will find it somehow 😉

  2. Victoria

    Wow.. This song to your clip selections is awesome.. Great Job.. Especially when the music picks up and they are smiling and dancing.. Peeerfect timing… Sidney w that cigar in his mouth and that smile on his face.. I also love how you actually let the clip play so we can get a good look at his expressions.. To many people make the clips WAY to cut off and short.. You have no time to enjoy what you are seeing.. I will say though the only clip in the actual series and yours I don’t like is when they show Sidney dancing / skipping around w his hands behind his back.. I so don’t see that as a manly Sidney Parker move.. He looks kind of goofy… And he is far from that.. Can you PLEASE post it on YouTube so I can share it from my phone to my girlfriends.. P.S. This would be a real labor of love I’m sure but if you EVER get the time, I and so many would SO love to see the scenes of Sidney and Charlotte in chronological order in the series.. Just their interactions together… After all MOST of us watch all the other stuff to get to them and their love affair anyway… But they are so far in between and short…

    • kckahler

      Sorry, I can’t post it on YouTube. As I stated above, the song gets blocked. There are a lot of great Sidlotte fan videos on YouTube though.

      • Victoria

        Oh now I see both my comments came through ?? Didn’t see the 1st one has posted ?? Ok yeah I saw that you could not after I posted my comment.. Yes there are a lot of them BUT yours is so good.. Thx my dear.. Have a good one..

        • Heather

          I think I need an intervention. I’ve watched it non-stop lol.

      • Heather

        I think I need an intervention. I’ve watched it non-stop lol.

    • Ange

      I completely disagree about the hands behind the back thing – I think it’s super sexy and gentlemanly. That’s so funny – that was one of my favourite parts!! ❤❤❤❤

  3. Victoria

    I typed a comment the other day but don’t see it. So I’m doing it again.. Wow !!! you did a fantastic job on this video.. The song choice and all your clips you chose are peeeerfect.. I love when the music picks up and they are dancing and smiling… Almost looks like they are dancing to this song.. And Sidney with that cigar and smile.. I ya yi… I wanted to send to my girlfriends but I just saw you cant put it on YouTube… Darn.. Can you email it to us ??
    Anyway.. This really captures this Character Sidney Parker that we love so much.. Thank you for the labor of love.. If you ever feel like doing another one I have discussed with a lot of woman from FB Saving Sanditon on how we would LOVE to see a video of all the clips of just Charlotte and Sidney’s interactions together in chronological order.. I mean they make you wait SO LONG to show them in love together and then only give a few seconds long clip here and there..I wish I knew how to do it but Im not a big tech person… Anyway great work..Here’s hoping for a Season 2

  4. joellen

    Beautifully done, thanks for leaving out the scowly, scary parts that made me so angry for weeks. Theo James was perfect as this Sidney, I just wish Davies had left him as Austen had written. She mentioned his sauciness and humor several times and I don’t recall James’ Sidney laughing much during the show, maybe a smirk here or there. Your video illuminates the guy Charlotte eventually gets to meet, if Jane had her way. Perhaps Davies planned to expose that side of our hero in the second season. I admit I was softened up to this version of Sidney & Sanditon by reading all the great Sidlotte fics posting since last fall, so I got over his missing sense of humor, they do make a stunning couple. Several engaging storylines left hanging on the vine. Now that we here in the states get to feel as ripped off as our UK brethren I’m hoping to read much more. Thank you for creating & sharing.

    • kckahler

      Thank you! Yes, Sidney comes off as nearly perpetually annoyed for five out of the eight episodes. But there are flashes of humor and fun, and he softens up nicely by the end.

      I too have taken refuge in fanfic since the fall.

  5. Mariann

    This was absolutely beautiful. All the best of Sidney Parker-soo Handsome!!!

  6. Ruth McConnell

    Thank you so much for this. It is brilliant and echoes my sentiments exactly. I laughed out loud at your question – is this weird you spent week creating this? I completely understand. Since watching all episodes of Sanditon on PBS, I also have found myself spending WAY to much time re-watching the episodes (all except the last one – I just can’t go past the place where Edward crashes in to the ball, Damn him), joining the Sanditon Sisterhood, watching various Youtube clips, reading lots of fan fiction in hopes of an ending I can live with. I cannot recall any movie show that has moved me in this way. Perhaps it is the hideous ending. Perhaps it is the hideous time we are living in. Not sure. Regardless, thank you for combining all the beautiful clips of Sidney to such a perfect song. It is true – no one does it better.

    • kckahler

      Thank you – I too went through a stage of absolute obsession when I first watched Sanditon last fall. Almost every non-work thought was about Sanditon! My obsession has cooled a bit, but I still have two draft fanfics and another video in progress!

  7. Catherine Forbes

    I love Theo’s acting abilities. And he does wear clothes well. But I hate that one coat with velvet at the neckline. It pulls his/Sidney’s shoulders back in an unnatural way. (I think its not big enough across the back. His well developed upper arms don’t help.) But he is gifted in many ways.

  8. Lisa M.

    Love it Love it Love it. A week well spent! XO

  9. Anne

    Well done – loved the music and especially Sidney Parker❤️❤️❤️

  10. Marcel Hart

    This is the best video I’ve seen so far. Love the Carly Simon song that you put with it. Well Done!

  11. Linda B.

    OMG, Sidney Parker as the G.O.A.T. Couldn’t have said it any better. He take the place of Mr. Darcy for which I never thought could happen.
    I have never watch a series or movie as much as I watched Sanditon. I love the story and of course I can’t take my eyes off of that gorgeous man Sidney Parker(Theo James). I love looking at him.

  12. Ange

    This is, hands down, the best thing on the internet. ???????
    Admittedly, you had stellar material to work with, but, my dear, you are a visionary.

  13. Katy

    Love the video! All the best Sidney moments is one place! ❤️

    • kckahler

      Thank you! What’s funny is, I didn’t even include any clips form episode 8! The kiss and the ball aren’t in this video!

  14. Emily

    Absolutely fabulous!!! S.P. = G.O.A.T. The song is perfect…I haven’t stopped grinning! Thanks for the Sidney love!!

  15. Pyin

    So very well done. Put a huge smile on my face..
    For sure make all of us #Sidlotte fans way happy 🙂
    Thanks again!

  16. Stojanka

    Thank you loved it…. yes Theo James did a great job of Sidney Parker there is no doubt about this…..
    I enjoyed watching Sanditon, like everyone else, the ending shattered me, I have never been so affected by an ending like this one…..
    I guess Theo knew what he was doing with an ending like this….. it would affect anyone who loves Jane Austen and or HEA, they would never forget this one, how could you?……
    It’s said for us but Theo achieved his ultimate goal for the ending in Sanditon season 1…