Seeking Adventures Abroad

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. To be honest, it’s been even longer since I’ve done any writing or editing. Why? Well, I rarely share personal info online, but I’ll admit that I’ve had a rough couple of years: job loss, divorce, death in the family.

Of course we rational creatures don’t expect to be in smooth water all our days, right? And it’s better now. I’m living in a new city, working at a new company, and finally starting to move forward again.

Get ready; here’s where I draw an extremely tenuous parallel between myself and Jane Austen.

You see, Jane and I were born in December, 200 years apart. As we’ve all been commemorating her death at the far-too-young age of 41, I’ve been living through the lows and highs of my 41st year.

I told you it was tenuous. But we all must draw inspiration and strength where we can. Sometimes Janeites feel a strangely personal connection to Austen, and many find comfort in rereading her during stressful times.

About those adventures I promised in my title… Now that I’ve recovered a bit from my recent rough waters, I have the freedom to take a trip that’s exactly what I want. With the many Austen events and exhibits going on this year, what better time to make an Austen pilgrimage to England?

As I visit Austen sights in Hampshire, Lyme Regis, Bath, and various other locations, I’ll share pictures on Twitter, Tumblr, and my blog. So follow along if you like.

When I turn 42 in December, a birthday Jane Austen sadly never reached, I’ll know that I seized a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I will be thankful for the many highs, and even the lows, still to come.

I may even crack open the draft for my next book.

  1. Claudine Pepe

    I just finished “Boots and Backpacks” today and I have to say it’s now one of the best modern “Pride & Prejudice” stories I have ever read.

    I am glad to read your post and see that you’re moving in a new direction with your life. It’s wonderful to see how Jane Austen has been with you throughout your life too. I love learning how she inspires people to lead more meaningful lives.

    I look forward to reading more by you too!!