Interview at Wings of Paper

Loren over at Wings of Paper has posted an interview. Of me! She also translated my answers into Italian. Thanks, Loren!

The questions mostly cover my debut novel, Boots & Backpacks. Here is one question, but head over to Loren’s blog for the rest:

Loren: Please can you say something about your Darcy and Elizabeth and their changes during the story? Who of them is your favorite? And with the face of which actor did you imagine them?

KC: Oh, boy. I could go on all day with this question! Pride and Prejudice is about how two people change and improve themselves (and each other) through their interactions. Neither of them starts out perfect – that would be boring!

The most obvious transformation in Boots & Backpacks is Darcy. He starts out spoiled and snobby, and only thinks of women as sexual objects who want his money. He’s pretty terrible! But he feels trapped in his famous life and he doesn’t know how to get out, or even believe that he can. As a result he takes no responsibility for his behavior. He’s basically rebelling against his dead parents and roleplaying for the public at the same time. Only when he is completely removed from the situation does he realize that he can be a better person, that he wants to be a better person, and that it’s up to him to change.

Elizabeth transforms over the course of the trip as well. In the beginning, she’s self-reliant to the point of being closed off. She doesn’t trust men and she sees romantic relationships only as complications that will interfere with her plans. But over the course of the hike, she has to learn to trust Darcy as her backpacking partner and as her friend.

I love both characters, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I guess I admire Elizabeth more, and also identify with her more.

I generally don’t like to give much physical description of characters, so that readers can form their own image, but I absolutely picture Henry Cavill as Darcy. Sigh 🙂 I don’t have a set idea for what actress might play Elizabeth. I like Emma Stone a lot though.

Henry Cavill as KC’s image of Darcy pre-hike.
Henry Cavill as KC’s image of Darcy during the hike.