Jurassic Austen: Bellopteryx sorori, aka Jane Bennet

 Bellopteryx sorori

Common name: Jane Bennet

Dino Jane and Bingley
Bellopteryx sorori seen here receiving a proposal from Gentlesaurus irresolutus.

Description: Bellopteryx sorori was so beautiful that she was sometimes confused for an angel. She had a disposition to match: kind, generous, forgiving, and seeing the best in all the dinosaurs around her. Even her detractors admitted that she was the only handsome dinosaur in the room, despite smiling too much.

Range: Like her mother Maternosaurus vulgaris, B. sorori was native to a small village in present-day Hertfordshire. Jane was also sometimes observed in London (or, in the case of young male dinosaurs from the North with meddling sisters, not observed.)

Behavior: B. sorori was pretty much perfect in every way. She was all loveliness and goodness. Unfailingly polite, she never spoke ill of another dinosaur. She was generosity of spirit united with good sense and composure of temper. She may have been a bit too generous and trusting in some instances, however, and her unfailing politeness and composure of temper could sometimes be mistaken for a lack of deeper emotion by the casual observer.

Mating Habits: Bellopteryx sorori was generally passive in her search for a mate. She fell in love with a young male who migrated to the area, Gentlesaurus irresolutus (Mr. Bingley), and though he loved her in return, he was convinced by others that she did not feel strongly for him. He left without an explanation. When he learned that she did love him, he returned. Like a true angel, Jane forgave him (hopefully after he groveled at least a little bit, although the fossil record is unclear on this.)


Image attributions: Morning room, Lambeosaurus, Philovenator curriei


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4 Responses

    • kckahler

      When I found that Philovenator drawing I KNEW it had to be Jane. So pretty!

  1. Lúthien84

    The Philiovenator drawing can almost rival Rahonavis (Emma) picture. Since H. pemberlii is featured, I thought one of the authors would do his ideal mate but I’m saddened that there is none.

    • kckahler

      Yes, the Emma feathered dino is also very pretty.

      We named Elizabeth but didn’t describe her. Maybe we’ll add to the encyclopedia for the next Jurassic park movie!