Jurassic Austen goes naval: Nauticolophus fidelum, aka Captain Wentworth

Nauticolophus fidelum

Common Name: Captain Wentworth

Nauticolophus fidelum comes ashore near present day Lyme Regis, on England’s “Jurassic Coast.” Seen with him are a pair of Musgrovia sororadons, one injured.

Description: N. fidelum was a remarkably fine dinosaur, with great personal advantages. In a crowd of dinosaurs, there was no mistaking him.

Range: N. fidelum thrived in marine environments worldwide, distinguishing himself by besting rival dinosaurs in war. Truly semi-aquatic, Captain Wentworth was also comfortable on land. He was most often observed in what is now southwestern England.

Behavior: Nauticolophus fidelum was a self-made dinosaur, a good leader, and a steady friend. He had an open and honest disposition, with one notable exception (see below). When not at sea, he enjoyed hunting, walking, dancing, and music. He could write excellent letters.

Mating Habits: N. fidelum found his ideal mate early in life, before he had made his fortune, and Sobriveratops convivificus (Anne Elliot) loved him in return. But because his future was uncertain in a dangerous Jurassic World, and facing a long period of separation while he would be at sea, his lady dinosaur broke off a formal attachment on the advice of a trusted elder.

After eight years, Captain Wentworth returned a rich dinosaur and was still holding a grudge. His behavior toward S. convivificus was polite, but not friendly or open. In his bitterness, he had come to believe that she had the fatal character flaw of weakmindedness, and his search for a new mate included all available females except her.  He flirted openly with two youthful Musgrovia sororadons, often causing pain to Anne.

Eventually Nauticolophus fidelum noticed Anne’s steady, sweet, reasonable character again, and gave up his grudge. He wrote her a most excellent letter, and they reunited.

Image attributions: Lyme Regis coast, Spinosaurus, Sordes

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12 Responses

    • kckahler

      Hmm. You seem to have a thing for top predators. 🙂

  1. Joy Dawn King

    Bitterbroadasaurus opinionii is my recommendation for the woman with I’ll-advised counsel.

    I loved this description and name for Capt. Wentworth. Good job!

    • kckahler

      LOL at Bitterbroadosaurus! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Lúthien84

    N. fidelum’s letter is not only excellent but beautifully written. If he were to woo me with his writing skill, I will readily accept regardless of his fortune.

    • kckahler

      The pen is mightier than the sword, amirite?

      • Lúthien84

        I definitely agree with you, KC. To tell you the truth, I prefer a self-made man like Cpt Wentworth but I wouldn’t say no to Darcy’s character if both came knocking on my door. Can a girl have cake and eat them too? Maybe in my dreams. 😛

  3. tgruy

    A very apt name for the Musgrove sisters: Musgrovia sororadons, :D:D:D:D