On the Trail with Darcy and Lizzy: Delaware Water Gap (part 2)

Welcome to another edition of On the Trail with D&L, where I share pictures of the sights featured in Boots & Backpacks.

We left our backpacking duo in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on the New Jersey side of the river. They begin their third day on the trail with a sunrise view from the Kittatinny Ridge:

New Jersey Appalachian Trail Sunrise
Cloud inversion at sunrise, Appalachian Trail along Kittatinny Ridge in NJ
photo by tdillon

The trail eventually crosses to the western side of the ridge, affording hikers a view of the Delaware River.

Appalachian Trail view in Worthington State Forest, NJ
Northwest view of Delaware River and Pennsylvania from the Appalachian Trail in NJ
photo by corwin1681

Darcy and Elizabeth camp near the bank of the Delaware River that night, and in the morning explore the most scenic part of the park. The Delaware River flows through the Kittatinny Ridge, cutting it into two. On the New Jersey side we have Mount Tammany, and on the Pennsylvania side, we have Mount Minsi.

Mount Tammany as seen from the Appalachian Trail on Mount Minsi, PA
Mount Tammany in NJ as seen from the Appalachian Trail on Mount Minsi, PA
photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli
View from Mount Tammany on the Red Dot Trail
View of the Delaware River and Interstate 80 from Mount Tammany, NJ
photo by hikePA

Speaking of Interstate 80, Darcy and Elizabeth cross the Delaware River on a narrow walkway right next to the highway:

Appalachian Trail on the Interstate 80 Bridge
Appalachian Trail on the Interstate 80 Bridge
photo by Adam Elmquist

That night Darcy and Elizabeth stay in the village of Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, at the Deer Head Inn, the oldest continuously running Jazz club in the country.

The Deer Head Inn
The Deer Head Inn, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania
photo by P J Wetzel

Early the next morning, Elizabeth takes Darcy kayaking. They see a bald eagle, like the one in the video below, and paddle through the Wallpack Bend of the Delaware River.


Kayakers on the Delaware River
Kayakers on the Delaware River
photo by Jim Pennucci
Aeriel view of the Wallpack Bend
Aeriel view of the Wallpack Bend, Delaware River
photo by skymaster

Next up on the trail: further into Pennsylvania.

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